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EPT offers clients a full range of high quality, cost-effective building services. From concept to completion, our fully qualified team are on-hand to fully coordinate your next project.

We design, supply, install and maintain air conditioning systems for commercial and industrial companies across the public and private sectors throughout the UK.

EPT's mechanical services engineering team create comfortable, controllable and easily maintained environments across the UK for building users, operators and owners.

We design, construct, test, commission and maintain a series of large-scale electrical projects for both commercial and industrial companies across the private and public sectors.

We offer full-service installations of EV charging points, including design packages, upgrades and maintenance.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Maintenance

A comprehensive planned preventative maintenance (PPM) programme can help to keep your air conditioning unit in optimal condition, expand its lifetime, increase efficiency and ensure the minimal need for impromptu repairs. 

We work with a variety of customers to provide bespoke maintenance and servicing plans that suit their requirements. Our maintenance programmes are designed to offer a trouble-free service with maximum uptime that protects your assets effectively. 

What’s included in PPM?

During a scheduled PPM, our engineers will give your units a full check, a thorough clean and an essential F-Gas check. Not only does this ensure the longevity and efficacy of your unit, but it also ensures compliance with current legislation and guidelines. Our service engineers can help to save you money by ensuring that your unit is always performing in the most energy-efficient manner, not to mention the savings in extending the lifetime of your unit to avoid costly replacements. 

We offer 3 levels of maintenance:

Gold – Our gold service offers full coverage, including all parts and maintenance. This offers our customers the ultimate peace of mind with no risk of unexpected costs. 

Silver – Our silver service means that all labour is included and customers will only have to pay for parts and equipment, should they be required. 

Bronze – Our bronze service means that parts and labour are payable for each visit. 

F-Gas certifications  

F-Gas is classed as an Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS), and as such is subject to strict regulations that include the need to perform regular leak checks to prevent emissions. This is a compulsory regulation to prevent the risk of harmful gases from leaking into the atmosphere. 

EPT are fully F-Gas certified, which means we are able to offer comprehensive coverage and guarantee compliance for businesses who are subject to the F-Gas Regulation. Our service offers the peace of mind that should your unit become subject to an audit it will be in the best shape possible.


Without regular maintenance and cleaning, air conditioning units can soon become unhygienic health hazards that have been linked with respiratory conditions and the spread of some diseases, such as Legionnaires. Ensuring the health of your entire workforces should be a key factor for any business, which can be achieved with a comprehensive maintenance schedule.    

Our engineers will assess your unit on each visit to ensure that it’s only providing clean air throughout your premises.

Keeping your warranty intact

Most units will come with a warranty period that protects you should something go wrong. However, if issues arise as a result of poor maintenance and lack of cleaning then warranties can become void, this means that the business incurs costly repairs or even worse, the need for a replacement unit. Regular maintenance ensures that your warranty remains intact for the agreed years so you don’t need to worry about incurring expense should a fault occur.

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