NHS and Pharmaceutical Buiding Services Installation and Maintenance from Environment & Power Technology Services Ltd

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

As you probably already know, pharmaceutical and healthcare premises often require very precise environmental conditions with a small margin for change. At EPT, we’re experts in working within these margins to provide optimal environments for our customers.  

We have a large team with a varied knowledge, which means we’re ideally placed to help with a full spectrum of skills. We have qualified engineers who are experienced within the sector and can provide air conditioning, electrical and mechanical services, as well as any required building fabric works. Our comprehensive range of services can be utilised from the design and installation phases, right through to ongoing maintenance and repairs. 

We understand that systems failure in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector can be catastrophic, which is why our key concern is always to implement measures to avoid this. Through a combination of preventative maintenance and the installation of generators and UPS’, we can assure our customers that their premises will continue to run in the most challenging of circumstances. We have an outstanding track record in maximising uptime for our pharmaceutical customers. 

Finally, we place great emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability. We always strive to design the most efficient solutions for our customers and continually work towards greener, more sustainable environments that save our customers money.