Environment & Power Technology Ltd (EPT) is comprised of five autonomous service providers covering building fabric, air conditioning, mechanical & electrical engineering as well as EV charging. Each business provider can work independently to fulfil a client’s needs. Alternatively two or more services can also work together should a customer require that. All five are underpinned by excellent head office customer service, quallity and IT departments. Above all EPT works in collaboration with clients and their existing partnerships to create environments in which their business can thrive.

So whether your organisation need is for one or more of our specialist teams EPT has a great track record of service delivery that makes it the perfect partner for your organisation and your premises.

All of our operatives demonstrate in depth knowledgeable and pragmatic experience in their specialist sectors. EPT’s long serving engineers are strategically located throughout the country to ensure we are able to provide prompt service level fulfilment while meeting environmentasl goals.

Everything is built on our four core values; Diversity, Reliability, People and Expertise.

Services & Solutions

At EPT, our four operating areas offer a diverse range of facilities services designed to give our customers
and their premises comprehensive coverage.

Air Conditioning

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Sectors we work in

Although we’re comfortable working in most sectors, there are some industries that we specialise in.
Find out more about our sector-specific experience here.






Pharaceutical & Healthcare

EPT Core Values

EPT is built on four core principles that guide who we are as a business,
how we operate and where we want to be in the future. To find more about EPT, please take a look here.


EPT provides a diverse range of services, a one-stop-shop for your fabric, air conditioning, mechanical and electrical needs.


We strive to be flexible and agile for our customers. Our word is our bond and we do what we say we will, when we say we will.


The people we employ are at the heart of everything we do. Our team is selected for their high skill level and friendly personalities.


We have the type of expertise that can only be hard earned through the decades of combined experience we have at EPT.

Customer Reference Sites

Take a look at some of the successful projects that we have ve completed or are still active on.
From pharmaceutical companies to universities, EPT has helped a range of clients. A full list of our articles and news stories are available in our categorised blog.

EPT’s Green Commitment

EPT’s green commitment is here to stay and grow. Not just in the form of an environmental policy, but in the whole ethos of our organsation and individuals. See how we take a proactive approach and how we support our clients in environmental considerations.