Quality Policies and Certifications

EPT has a dedicated Quality team that is responsible for the creation and continuous development of all things related to quality. That extends to cover our work for clients as well as internal aspects of our internal operations. The ethos on quality and safety permeates all areas of EPT and is maintained in a collaborative manner through the directors and managers of each division and central supporting services including customer support, IT and finance.

EPT’s Quality team take a proactive approach on certifications. We maintain a training and certification matrix for every employee. It is not just to ensure we are compliant with all the bodies that apply to our line of work, but also helps us in staff development. It results in a happier workforce benefitting our clients, EPT and of course employees too. In the case of the latter this is reflected in our long serving workforce. EPT also employ permanent staff only. We do not use temporary or contract staff. It helps us to maintain our standards and provide a quality reliable service to clients whichever area of our business you engage with.

EPT Policies

EPT has an extensive range of pragmatic policies to ensure legal compliance and best practice in our work.

They include;

  • Health & Safety
  • Equality, Diversity & Inlusivity
  • Corporate & Social Responsibility
  • Environmental
  • IT

For more information on these and all other policies, then please contact our quality team.

Environmental Policy

For further information on our Environmental Policy and related activities please visit our Environment Page.

EPT Procedures and Standards

Working within the boundaries of our strategic policies. EPT operatives follow and help maintain pragmatic tactical procedures and standards. They provide a lower level of detail and guidance to ensure we deliver on efficiency in a consistent manner.

Client Policies and Procedures

Of course it’s not just about EPT’s policies, procedures and standards. We also work closely to align to client requirements where required. It is all about collaboration and preparation ahead of embarking on any work.