EPT are experienced working in commercial premises of all types, such as offices and warehouses. Our team is uniquely placed to provide a varied set of services that are ideally suited to this sector, including building fabric, air conditioning, electrical and mechanical.

We’re comfortable working at all levels of these services, from design and installation through to repairs and maintenance. Having all of these skills in-house means that we can provide a more considered overall service that helps when it comes to mobilising labour and ensuring that there is an intelligent approach to all potential projects. 

Not only do we complete all work to the highest of standards, we also strive to provide the most energy efficient and sustainable solutions for our customers. From the initial design and installation we’ll propose the most efficient solution which we will continually refine through our maintenance schedule. For our customers this means reduced energy bills and improved green credentials that can help to meet and often exceed current regulations on greenhouse gases and carbon emissions. 

Above all else, we always aim to provide the optimal environment for its purpose and the people who work within it. For commercial premises, we seek to find a solution that’s most comfortable and can help to promote productivity in the workplace.