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EPT have decades of experience in the design, supply, installation and ongoing maintenance of air conditioning systems. We work with a variety of customers in the commercial and industrial sectors to provide bespoke air conditioning systems that are designed to be energy efficient and sustainable whilst operating at a comfortable temperature. 

Our air conditioning installation service is entirely brand neutral, meaning that we always specify the best system for the job regardless of manufacturer. This also enables us to work with different budgets and provide air conditioning solutions that are tailored to suit.

Our service offers much more than just installation, our highly qualified and experienced engineers can work closely with you from the design commission stage right through to project completion and beyond. We offer our knowledge to ensure that you receive the best possible, most environmentally friendly and sustainable solution available.      

We work nationally with a wide range of commercial customers to ensure that you get the best level of service wherever you are.

EPT are brand-neutral, which means our skilled engineers are comfortable working with all brands of air conditioning systems. This means that our customers are always offered the system that best suits their particular needs. We can work with brands including but not limited to: 

  • Mitsubishi,
  • Toyota,
  • Sanyo,
  • Fujitsu,
  • Panasonic

In addition, we are a Daikin D1 Partner, a renowned industry mark of quality that assures our customers of outstanding professionalism, training and accreditations. As a D1 partner, we are able to offer extended 7-year warranties as well as 24/7 access to the latest equipment and technologies.

Our dedicated team focuses heavily on providing the best quality of service available. We maintain an extremely experienced, professional and motivated team, many of which have been with us for 14+ years. We never cut corners and many of our customers comment on how it’s clear that we simply care about the job at hand and providing them with the best solutions. 

In addition, our aftercare services are second to none. We work tirelessly to ensure that once an air conditioning system is installed we have the right plans in place for repairs and servicing to ensure maximum uptime and minimal disruptions, nothing short of that is acceptable for us. 

Find out more about repairs and maintenance here.

We’re always working hard to improve the sustainability and environmental impact of our installations. Not only does this help the environment by minimising the carbon footprint and ensure that our customers meet and exceed current guidelines whilst making savings on energy costs. 

We work with major manufacturers to constantly and consistently improve the green credentials of systems and ensure that we’re installing in the most efficient way. Our valued customers deserve nothing less.

During a scheduled PPM, our engineers will give your units a full check, a thorough clean and an essential F-Gas check. Not only does this ensure the longevity and efficacy of your unit, but it also ensures compliance with current legislation and guidelines. Our service engineers can help to save you money by ensuring that your unit is always performing in the most energy-efficient manner, not to mention the savings in extending the lifetime of your unit to avoid costly replacements. 

We offer 3 levels of maintenance:

Gold – Our gold service offers full coverage, including all parts and maintenance. This offers our customers the ultimate peace of mind with no risk of unexpected costs. 

Silver – Our silver service means that all labour is included and customers will only have to pay for parts and equipment, should they be required. 

Bronze – Our bronze service means that parts and labour are payable for each visit. 

F-Gas is classed as an Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS), and as such is subject to strict regulations that include the need to perform regular leak checks to prevent emissions. This is a compulsory regulation to prevent the risk of harmful gases from leaking into the atmosphere. 

EPT are fully F-Gas certified, which means we are able to offer comprehensive coverage and guarantee compliance for businesses who are subject to the F-Gas Regulation. Our service offers the peace of mind that should your unit become subject to an audit it will be in the best shape possible.

Without regular maintenance and cleaning, air conditioning units can soon become unhygienic health hazards that have been linked with respiratory conditions and the spread of some diseases, such as Legionnaires. Ensuring the health of your entire workforces should be a key factor for any business, which can be achieved with a comprehensive maintenance schedule.    

Our engineers will assess your unit on each visit to ensure that it’s only providing clean air throughout your premises.

Most units will come with a warranty period that protects you should something go wrong. However, if issues arise as a result of poor maintenance and lack of cleaning then warranties can become void, this means that the business incurs costly repairs or even worse, the need for a replacement unit. Regular maintenance ensures that your warranty remains intact for the agreed years so you don’t need to worry about incurring expense should a fault occur.

EPT provides a prompt response to a cvlient’s repair needs starting with an initial assessment before arriving on site, then conducting a full inspection on arrival to determine the root cause of the issue. Typically our skilled on call technician will carry out any necesssary diagnostics across the air conditioning and ventilation systems to identify the specific location and nature of failure. In doing so they would check for issues such as but not limited to compressor failures, refrigerant leaks, fan motor problems, ductwork obstructions etc.

On diagnosing any offending components, controls, and sensors, the EPT engineer will assess whether the repairs can be made on siteor through part replacement. Where the latter is required all practical and safe possibilities will be considered to provide an interim fix should there be any unexpected issue securing the appropriate component.

Once identified and agreed with the client either directly or through supporting customer service, our enginner will compile a recommended repair plan. That would outline the necessary repair, any parts required, temporary activity, timeline and estimatyed completion. All of which will be within the client SLA. If an ad hoc or one off non contractual service is required, then a detailed cost estimate for the repair work, including labour and materials will be presented and agreed on.

EPT’s engineer will secure any parts required in-line with SLAs, from on site storage, enineers van stock, EPT’s nearest stock location or ultimatel;y an approved and agreed sustainable supplier. Of courde the engineer will always ensure parts compatibility and quality.

The repair work, whether interim or final fix will be carried out eficiently and effectively, following client and EPT guidelines inline with industry best practices and safety. EPT’s operative will test, verify and document all repairs and part replacement to ensure they are working correctly. The testing naturally includes performance standards against client specifications.

Any cleanaing and other maintenance will also be done for example filters, coils, and other system components to improve efficiency and performance.

Whether EPT carry out the repair as an ad hoc piece of work or for an existing client within a support agreement, then the engineer and supporting back office will keep you informed throughout the complete repair process, providing updates on progress and any unexpected findings. Of course you will always be welcome to make additional enquiries on progress should you need to do so.

Comprehensive, clear documention of all repair work performed will be provided conforming to existing client regulations. It will summarize the repairs conducted and any follow-up recommendations. EPT will advis the client on preventive maintenance measures to avoid future issues and extend the lifespan of their systems.

If the work was ad hoc for a new client, EPT can also offer ongoing support and maintenance services to help keep upur site’s air conditioning and ventilation systems operating smoothly.

As you may well know, clean rooms and laboratories require precise close controlled temperature environments, as well as humidity, air quality and filtration. Precision is key to ensuring that machinery is in optimal working conditions and that any research and development does not become compromised. 

At EPT, we have vast amounts of experience in providing the most accurately controlled environments for clean rooms and laboratories with an excellent track record for ensuring consistency between fine margins. We specialise in the complex design, installation and ongoing management and maintenance of clean rooms, offering you a fully comprehensive service from start to finish.

Our team have experience working within a wide variety of sectors to provide efficient and accurate clean rooms, including but not limited to:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Scientific research laboratories
  • NHS,
  • Private Hospitals & Clinic

In these facilities, environmental control is absolutely essential and as such we take our role in providing it extremely seriously. Our ability to create bespoke solutions for our customers comes from the years of experience and expertise of our dedicated in-house design, project management and engineering teams. 

Unlike many other firms, in addition to air conditioning, we also offer building fabric and HVAC services alongside electrical and mechanical engineering. This means that we are able to handle clean room projects in-house from start to finish with no need to source additional skills from outside of the company. All of this helps to ensure a smooth process that’s effectively managed according to legislation, budgets and schedules. Our teams work seamlessly together to offer the best outcome in the quickest possible time. 

Through our unique mix of services, we can ensure that clean rooms are not only temperature controlled but also account for humidity and filtration. 

All other things being equal, we pride ourselves on our outstanding service and the relationships we build with our customer base. We’re proud to have held contracts for over 10 years which simply wouldn’t have been possible without providing the highest levels of service and the most knowledgeable and experienced teams across our projects. 

Each of our customers have a dedicated account manager who is tasked with ensuring that this dedication to quality is always maintained. In addition, this point of contact means that customers are able to build productive working relationships with our team due to consistency and familiarity.

The design and build of a data centre is rarely the same, each job presents its own unique challenges and requirements. Different layouts, UPS requirements, cooling systems, security systems and fire systems mean that it takes an experienced and knowledgeable eye to ensure the most efficient and protective solution. 

Of course, close controlled temperature and air conditioning is essential to maintaining critical equipment and business continuity to minimise the risk of downtime or system failure which can lead to lost revenue. In addition, we can also ensure that your data centre is fully humidity controlled at the optimum level for the protection of machinery. 

Using our unique mix of services, at EPT we are able to offer a comprehensive start to finish project that includes design, cooling, building fabrics, electrical and mechanical requirements. Our teams can work seamlessly together to provide a complete data centre that’s fully optimised to offer the perfect environment.

All of this combines to make the overall project easier to maintain as we keep everything in-house with no need to use external contractors. This means we are able to comfortably deliver what is outlined during the design phase and provide an accurate timeline that’s not reliant on anybody but ourselves.  

One of the core pillars of our service is that we provide the most efficient and sustainable design. Not only is this great for the environment and your business’s green credentials, but it also means that you can save money on your overheads by ensuring energy use is kept to a minimum. 

Ensuring you have adequate backup power is absolutely essential should the worst happen and your primary supply go down. EPS can factor this into your data centre design and provide uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and generators to fit your requirements. This can protect you from lost data and significant downtime that’s out of your control. 

After installation, we provide a dedicated aftercare and maintenance schedule to ensure that your data centre continues to run efficiently and minimise the risk of faults. Our preventative maintenance measures can help to reduce the risk of needing repairs and replacements whilst keeping the environment at the optimum level. All of our plans are bespoke to your needs and requirements, offering the right level of service for your data centre.  

During an inspection, one of our accredited assessors will perform a thorough check of your air conditioning units and evaluate them for a number of key conditions. A TM 44 inspection report covers:

  • Review of your air conditioning system and its controls,
  • Documentation examination and review,
  • Estimation as to whether the air conditioning system is suitably sized,
  • Efficiency & Iprovements advice and guidance.

Currently, legislation states that all air conditioning systems with a cooling output that exceeds 12kW should be regularly inspected by an accredited TM44 assessor. By law, a TM44 inspection must be completed every 5 years. Failure to do so can result in a £300 fine for each offence, plus an additional £200 if the outstanding report is not provided within 7 days of the request.  

Aside from the legal obligation and a potential £300 fine (per offence) for non-compliance, it’s also an opportunity to increase the energy efficiency of your business and make savings on energy. In fact, long term you could save significantly more than the cost of carrying out the assessment making it cost-neutral. 

Our fully trained and accredited assessors are well versed in providing accurate and efficient TM44 Inspection Reports. We have knowledge and expertise that extends throughout all of the major manufacturers meaning we are able to provide detailed and helpful reports that make smart suggestions, often at little to no cost to the business owner. 

All of this is coupled with our outstanding customer service record and our dedication to ongoing training and development. Our team is multi-skilled, which means you get the benefit of much more than a simple inspection with knowledge that has the potential to save you money each and every year.

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