Successful retail is all about creating an environment in which customers have a pleasant experience. At EPT, we have experience working within the retail sector to design, install and maintain the ideal environment for customers and staff.

We have a varied service offering made up of a mixture of skills that make us the ideal choice for facilities management within retail premises. Our building fabric team can carry out all internal construction work, whether it’s a complete fit out, refurbishment or just a refresh to neaten everything up. Our electrical engineering team can install, repair and maintain all major electrical systems. The mechanical department is experienced at installing, repairing and maintaining all HVAC systems and more. Finally, last but by no means least, our air conditioning team can install, repair and maintain efficiently designed air conditioning systems. 

We place great emphasis on efficient design and always strive to achieve improved sustainability for our customers, which, of course, means reduced overheads. Our team can help to improve your retail premises’ green credentials and exceed current national targets for carbon emission reduction. The benefits of this can be seen in reduced energy bills. 

In addition, we can also help to ensure that you meet all guidance relating to fire standards by designing, installing and servicing your building’s fire alarm system. We can also install emergency lighting to ensure that customers and staff can evacuate safely in the event of an emergency.