EPT providing building services to the Higher Education Sector


Providing comfortable and safe environments for students and staff is one of the key concerns in the education sector. At EPT, we have decades of experience working with various educational institutions to meet and exceed national standards.

Our unique mixture of skills means that we‘re ideally placed to provide a one-stop-shop for institutions that covers electrical, mechanical, air conditioning and building fabric. Our team of experienced engineers and tradespeople can help to create the optimal environment for learning. Whether it’s a new installation, repairs to existing systems or fabric or a service level maintenance agreement, we can tailor a solution that suits the needs of your institution. 

With growing student numbers and increasing costs, energy efficient design has never been more important to ensure overheads are minimised and targets are met. Our team is well versed in designing energy efficient systems and continually improving over time. We can ensure that you meet and exceed national sustainability targets, save on energy bills and enhance the student experience with comfortable facilities. 

Our team can implement backup measures to minimise the risk of downtime should major electrical systems fail, allowing you to keep premises open. We can provide bespoke designed generator and UPS systems to offer the peace of mind that systems will stay running in the event of a power outage.