NICEIC Testing & Inspection

As a fully accredited member and approved contractor with the NICEIC, EPT provide valid Electrical Installation Certificates to all our clients across all sectors of business for all electrical systems that we install and commission.

In addition to the Electrical Installation Certificates, we have the capability to undertake Electrical Installation Condition Reports on existing electrical systems and issue the associated certificates and detailed reports. This enables us to identify whether an installation is in a satisfactory condition where it can be used safely and meets the associated disconnection times in accordance with BS7671 IET Wiring Regulations.

EPT offer our clients small and large scale testing schedules in line with their requirements and operational constraints. This provides the peace of mind that their electrical installations are fully certified, compliant and adhere to the current regulations in accordance with BS7671 IET Wiring Regulations.

Our electrical testing and inspection service offer the following electrical certification:

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report.
  • Electrical Installation Certificates
  • Minor Works Certificates

Why do I need an NICEIC certificate? 

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 apply to all aspects of the use of electricity within the workplace. They place duties on employers, employees and the self-employed to prevent danger.

The Duty Holder (a person who has, to any extent, control of premises) must:

  • Ensure the electrical systems are constructed in a way that prevents danger.
  • Maintain the electrical systems as necessary to prevent danger.
  • Undertake work on electrical systems in a way that prevents danger.

Obtaining a NICEIC certificate will ensure your electrical system is fit for purpose and is operational safe for all electrical installations within Industrial and commercial premises. The certification keeps your business in line with legislation, which in turn sets the standards for electrical installations within the UK industry.

Aside from the legal requirement, the certification offers the peace of mind that all installations within your businesses are safe and reliable, minimising the chances of system failure or a dangerous fault occurrence.

Why choose EPT 

Our NICEIC testing and inspection service is undertaken by competent engineers who are experienced and fully accredited. Our engineers work quickly and efficiently to ensure minimal disruption to your business whilst providing a detailed inspection of all electrical installations.