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Air Conditioning

TM44 Inspections

A TM44 Inspection has been a mandatory requirement since January 2011 via the Energy Performance and Buildings Directive (EPBD), which includes air conditioning systems with a cooling capacity over 12kW (or multiple systems that amount to over 12kW). 

Although the intention of a TM44 inspection is to stay compliant with the EPBD, it can also be an incredibly useful for assessing energy efficiency. It’s much more than a box-checking exercise to stay in-line with regulations and can result in savings on energy bills in the long term. 

What’s included in a TM44 Inspection?

During an inspection, one of our accredited assessors will perform a thorough check of your air conditioning units and evaluate them for a number of key conditions. A TM 44 inspection report covers:

  • A review of your air conditioning system and its controls.
  • Documentation examination and review. 
  • An estimation as to whether the air conditioning system is suitably sized.
  • Advice and guidance on how improvements can be made to make the system more efficient. 

Currently, legislation states that all air conditioning systems with a cooling output that exceeds 12kW should be regularly inspected by an accredited TM44 assessor. By law, a TM44 inspection must be completed every 5 years. Failure to do so can result in a £300 fine for each offence, plus an additional £200 if the outstanding report is not provided within 7 days of the request.  

Why do I need a TM44 inspection? 

Aside from the legal obligation and a potential £300 fine (per offence) for non-compliance, it’s also an opportunity to increase the energy efficiency of your business and make savings on energy. In fact, long term you could save significantly more than the cost of carrying out the assessment making it cost-neutral. 

Why choose EPT for your TM44 Inspection…

Our fully trained and accredited assessors are well versed in providing accurate and efficient TM44 Inspection Reports. We have knowledge and expertise that extends throughout all of the major manufacturers meaning we are able to provide detailed and helpful reports that make smart suggestions, often at little to no cost to the business owner. 

All of this is coupled with our outstanding customer service record and our dedication to ongoing training and development. Our team is multi-skilled, which means you get the benefit of much more than a simple inspection with knowledge that has the potential to save you money each and every year.

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