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EPT offers clients a full range of high quality, cost-effective building services. From concept to completion, our fully qualified team are on-hand to fully coordinate your next project.

We design, supply, install and maintain air conditioning systems for commercial and industrial companies across the public and private sectors throughout the UK.

EPT's mechanical services engineering team create comfortable, controllable and easily maintained environments across the UK for building users, operators and owners.

We design, construct, test, commission and maintain a series of large-scale electrical projects for both commercial and industrial companies across the private and public sectors.

We offer full-service installations of EV charging points, including design packages, upgrades and maintenance.

Air Conditioning

Data Centres

The design and build of a data centre is rarely the same, each job presents its own unique challenges and requirements. Different layouts, UPS requirements, cooling systems, security systems and fire systems mean that it takes an experienced and knowledgeable eye to ensure the most efficient and protective solution. 

Of course, close controlled temperature and air conditioning is essential to maintaining critical equipment and business continuity to minimise the risk of downtime or system failure which can lead to lost revenue. In addition, we can also ensure that your data centre is fully humidity controlled at the optimum level for the protection of machinery. 

A comprehensive approach

Using our unique mix of services, at EPT we are able to offer a comprehensive start to finish project that includes design, cooling, building fabrics, electrical and mechanical requirements. Our teams can work seamlessly together to provide a complete data centre that’s fully optimised to offer the perfect environment.

All of this combines to make the overall project easier to maintain as we keep everything in-house with no need to use external contractors. This means we are able to comfortably deliver what is outlined during the design phase and provide an accurate timeline that’s not reliant on anybody but ourselves.  

Efficient and sustainable

One of the core pillars of our service is that we provide the most efficient and sustainable design. Not only is this great for the environment and your business’s green credentials, but it also means that you can save money on your overheads by ensuring energy use is kept to a minimum. 

UPS and generators 

Ensuring you have adequate backup power is absolutely essential should the worst happen and your primary supply go down. EPS can factor this into your data centre design and provide uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and generators to fit your requirements. This can protect you from lost data and significant downtime that’s out of your control. 


After installation, we provide a dedicated aftercare and maintenance schedule to ensure that your data centre continues to run efficiently and minimise the risk of faults. Our preventative maintenance measures can help to reduce the risk of needing repairs and replacements whilst keeping the environment at the optimum level. All of our plans are bespoke to your needs and requirements, offering the right level of service for your data centre.  

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